Vancouver Women Circle

New circle in Feb 2020

We are starting new Kitchen Table Sisterhood
at West End Vancouver
in the end of February
(stay tuned for the exact date)

Max 11 women / 1 x month
one chakra per month

Did you know that today people feel more isolated despite social media?

My goal is to connect like-minded individuals, and also to create a network of women,
who will support each other and lift each other up.

My greatest wish for us people is to care for each other more & I believe we care when we know people …
when we know their stories …
so starting Kitchen table sisterhood is my way of making a small contribution …
by providing opportunity to share stories, inspire empower and connect with like-minded women.

I’ve facilitated many groups in person as well as online. Since moving to Vancouver
I’d love to connect to local women and start sharing support and care among us.

WHY this works ...

I am aware sisterhood doesn’t happen overnight, that is why I’m taking you on a self-journey …
where you will start healing your shame/limiting beliefs & become more aware of your strengths, your power, find clarity and love yourself deeper.

If we wish to establish sisterhood we need to go through a process together.
Hence we are following a theme of 7 chakra system which will lead us into the depths of ourselves.

Our gatherings include:
one gathering per month. Each month we cover a different chakra, starting with the first one.

As for the rest, it is time for us to connect by the power of storytelling …
it is time to connect to our wild and wise part in us <3

A short 3 min video in which we had a discussion on sisterhood.

Read this if not anything else:
HOW does it work? ...

(Max 11 women per meetup.)
Discussions will come in a form of healing storytelling.

By “healing” I mean, this is a safe space for you to be honest, vulnerable and just authentic You.
Each time we’ll share two type of stories, one of courage & inspiration and the other one of vulnerability or shame. Just to clarify, you are not forced or pressured to share any story if you don’t feel you want to … sometimes it is enough just to listen and receive healing from others … 

Why storytelling? 

Everyone of us has a unique story.

You see, you might not even know this but your story is full of wisdom, love, growth, mystery and more!

By sharing you get to do both … give and receive.

You give an amazing gift to others: hope, dreams, courage, expansion of their horizons …
you inspire, you heal, you create magic.
Trust me, you do have this power!
Do believe me, this is so powerful.

contact me for more info

barchi [at] kitchentablesisterhood [dot] com