Oracle Card Reading

Oracle Card Reading

Before Reading

An email with a few questions to see what kind of reading you would benefit from the most (there are many different spreads).

Live Reading

We will have an hour long discussion and I hope to give you as much "aha" moments, inspiration and clarity as you desire. Can't wait!

After Reading

You will receive a short report with pictures of the cards. It will serve you as a guideline or a vision board <3 You might also ask some additional questions.

A few samples of questions during live reading:

  1. What my Soul most wants?
  2. What kind of work fuels my energy?
  3. What am I good at?
  4. What is the best direction to go in my life right now?
  5. How can I find supportive people?
  6. What holds me back?
  7. & other, tailored to your situation.

Before you decide ...

It’s all about exploring the NOW, no future telling etc. because you have a free will,
you are a powerful creator and no one should diminish your dreams <3

If you are thinking of it, drop me an email.
I LOVE working with cards more than anything and I’d love to see if we are the right fit.
No pressure though, only if it feels right.

Contact me ...