Chinese Face-reading

Swim in the Water =
Oracle Card Reading +
Chinese Face-reading

Chinese Face-reading

Face reading is an ancient Traditional Chinese Practice.

Your face speaks about your character, strengths as well as your interests
and feelings (spoken & unspoken).

Each part of our face is a puzzle piece of its own,
together they tell a story about who you are.
Isn’t that amazing?

We all consist of 5 elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. We also have two polarities – yin and yang energies within us.
When we understand our elements we are more aligned with our true nature
and make better decisions.

With the reading you’ll get insights to:

  • where you are on your path,
  • what are your natural gifts,
  • which of the five elements is dominant
    (which can be useful also for Feng Shui)
  • and many more.

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