Work With Me

(get to know yourself)

… reveal you what you are here to create
(as a job, career, vocation, mission, hobby, …).

… remind you of your true calling
(which is something that is meaningful to YOU only).

… inspire you to use your gifts, because they are here at your disposal …
they are the easiest thing you can develop and work with.

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  • have no idea what you are here to do,
  • are not sure what you are “meant” to create in your life…
  • admire other people’s talents but don’t recognize your own
  • don’t believe you have any gifts (perhaps you are the only one without it)
  • don’t feel fulfilled at what you do
  • have no idea what your job, career or calling is …
  • feel life is a constant struggle
  • don’t know if you should earn money with your passion or not

I might have something for you …

Why is this important?

We all have a purpose or Soul calling if you will.

It’s our job to find out what this is at different stages of life.

This purpose is really the gate for us to find deep fulfillment in life and to serve the society in the most meaningful and rewarding way.

Your natural gifts (excellence) are something that you already have and something you will enjoy the most if you use them.
You have them for a reason!

Your life doesn’t need to be a struggle if you are doing the things that are ALIGNED with your nature.

I’m talking about doing something which
feels RIGHT deep in your bones. <3 <3 <3

How DEEP do you wish to explore yourself?

There are 3 levels available:

Dip your toes =
Oracle Card Reading

1h live chat + 2 supportive emails (before & after a reading)

We’ll explore questions like:

What my Soul most wants?

What kind of work fuels my energy?

What am I naturally good at?


Swim in the Water =
Oracle Card Reading + Chinese Face-reading

1h live chat + 2 supportive emails (before & after a reading) +
a written report of your Face-reading

Face reading is an ancient Traditional Chinese Practice.
Your face speaks about your character, strengths
as well as your interests and feelings.

Deep Dive =
Oracle Card Reading + Chinese Face-reading + Akashic Records Reading

2 x 1.5h live chat + 2 supportive emails (before & after a reading) +
a written report of your Face-reading + Akashic Reading

We go deep – You get to know who you are
at Soul level and what your spiritual gifts are.

deep dive

I will ...

  1. inspire you to believe in yourself & your gifts …
  2. show you what are you here to create (as your job, career, vocation or anything really)
  3. remind you of your true calling (which doesn’t have to be special, but it has to be meaningful to YOU!)

I am on a mission of inspiring people
and make them feel happy & in love with their gifts. 🙂

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About Barchi

Barchi is a Projector by Human Design what means she sees other people’s qualities better than they do. Projectors have a life purpose of managing & guiding others to have the most fulfilling process of creating what they are here to create. She first started meditating in 2005 on her boyfriend’s (now husband’s) initiative to improve – but really save 🙂 their relationship.

In 2008 she got her first initiation in Reiki which lead to Master Teacher certification and teaching a few years later. She then pursued Shaman training as well as other healing / self-discovery modalities which nudged her to start leading and teaching meditations.

She has been playing/working with Oracle cards on a daily basis for the last 10 years and have started giving professional readings a bit more than a year ago. In 2018 she also completed certification for Akashic Record reading.

Her biggest joy is to inspire people to believe in themselves, to appreciate the beauty of their gifts and their spirit. Because everyone is here to be themselves <3