Work With Me

get to know you uniqueness & potential

… reveal who you are & what is your unique potential

… remind you of your authentic calling
(which is something that is meaningful to YOU only).

… inspire you to use your gifts, because they are here at your disposal …
they are the easiest thing you can develop and work with.

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What people said:

“You were a delight work with. Your energy is positive, uplifting and infectious. I know you’ll have great success with your readings! xo”
Cathy Weiss |

“I really, really loved my Oracle reading with Barchi. I didn’t know what to expect going in but kept an open mind and had such a relaxing and enjoyable experience with her. She helped me form the questions I wanted to ask in a way that was much more coherent that I had asked them. In the reading, she showed me all the beautiful card from my reading and explained the meaning behind each in such a lovely way. My reading left me feeling relaxed, reassured of my path ahead, joyful, and excited. It was exactly what I needed <3 thank you so much, Barchi!”
Marissa Waite |

“I loved my reading! It was so in depth and Barchi put a lot of care and thought into asking the right questions and making sure I understood the messages the cards carried. Her presence is so calm and bright, and she brought a lot of joy and play into the process ❤️”
Dr. Morgana McCabe Allan |

What kind of reading is that?

I use Human Design reading as a base with additional Oracle card clarity reading if needed. (In reality I use a few more things but that isn’t the point, the point is the impact these readings have on your life.)

I want you to leave the reading empowered, inspired, full of practical information and insights of how to use the information.

Without that the readings aren’t useful.
I also help you ask the right questions as they are the ones that bring the most clarity to you.

How does it look like?
We have 2 Zoom/Skype sessions or alternatively I send you a voice recording of a reading (this is for Human design only)

Contact me at:

My role is ...

  1. inspire you to believe in yourself & your gifts …
  2. show you what are you here to create (as your job, career, vocation or anything really)
  3. remind you of your true calling (which doesn’t have to be special, but it has to be meaningful to YOU!)

I am on a mission of inspiring, empowering people
who are ready to fall in love with their gifts & use them. 🙂

Like Marie Forleo says: “The world needs you and your special gift that  only you have”

Contact me ...

About Barchi

Barchi is a Projector by Human Design which among other things means that she sees other people’s qualities better than they do. That is definitely true for her as she sees a potential in everyone.

Fun Fact: She first started meditating in 2005 on her boyfriend’s (now husband’s) initiative to improve – but really save 🙂 their relationship.

Alternative path:
In 2008 she got her first initiation in Reiki which lead to Master Teacher certification and teaching a few years later. She then pursued Shaman training as well as other healing / self-discovery modalities which nudged her to start leading and teaching meditations.

She has been playing/working with Oracle cards for the last 10 years and has been constantly learning and improving (as projectors do :). She is also certified Akashic record practitioner.

A Fact (not necessarily fun:): Despite exploring alternative fields, she is very a practical person. That might be the reason for her love of Human Design.

Her biggest joy is to empower people and give them clarity
as well as leading small groups of like-minded individuals.