Kitchen Table Sisterhood

You are longing for deep connections,
soulful conversations
with like-minded women

you want to find your tribe of supportive sisters
and embark in a healing journey together …

you’ve had it with shame & limiting beliefs
you are now ready to claim your inner strength,
ready to shine

do you hear the moon whispering your name?
If so, read further my sister.

Join our ONLINE gatherings
(one for each chakra)
where we are using the power of
to inspire, empower & heal.

We start in March 2020 with the second round.
All online gatherings have a small fee to cover the costs.

Feedback from women who joined the gatherings ...

"How did you feel?"

I felt like it was a safe environment for me to share things that can be difficult to share. I didn’t feel judged, I felt empowered. I felt loved (I really appreciate the sending of the love a the end of the share vs responses).
Mandi palmer, US
I felt cozy, safe, relaxed. I felt supported and cared for as opposed to judged. I felt I was in the right environment to open up and share my vulnerabilities with other women that would listen to me in a loving and non-judgmental way. I also felt the connection and empathy to create the space so these other women could open up and share as well. So in short, I felt pretty awesome!
Belen suarez, Spain
I felt safe and free to share openly.
You created a warm, friendly, fun and safe container for all participants. You have truly created something wonderful.
Trish Fortune, US
I felt safe and supported, as though I was catching up with friends. The environment was soothing, and a place to share our authentic self.
Tash Mckenna, Australia
It was my very first time to join the group meeting like that. So I first felt a bit nervous. But I felt very warmly welcomed by you and other girls so I quickly felt very relaxed. Thank you so much for your beautiful initiative, Barchi!! I truly think that you are a wonderful leader!
Keiko oyamatsu, Japan
I love that we start of with the meditation which I find very connecting. The fact that we really listen to each other and support one another is amazing! It always gives me a major energy boost Receiving a letter afterwards is that extra little care which is really nice and cool to reflect back on also way later.
Elizabeth Bruin, the Netherlands
What Barchi has done is to provide a great space and an opportunity to experience sisterhood and friendship.
Jamila Theobold, US

“We don’t have to do all of it alone!
We were never meant to!”
Brene Brown

I believe every woman needs a tribe of supportive, caring souls who get her,
who are there for her to hold her hand and
to push her higher.

If you feel alone, facing a problem or a limiting belief which stands in your way …
or if you don’t have a sense of direction and you need clarity …
I hear you!

If you want a supportive sisterhood, where you’ll feel nourished, replenished & full of joy after each interaction … I feel you!

If you want to be inspired by stories of strength, courage and vulnerability of other women …
and lifted up to take action …
I have something for you <3

I too felt lonely among people, longing for deep, meaningful conversations, longing for someone who cared, for someone with whom I could share my journey, someone who would empower me …

The truth is, it doesn’t matter where we live, either in the middle of nowhere or in a big metal jungle …
we all need connection, a genuine one.

I’ve always been the one who inspired, motivated & believed in people. At some point I felt I needed that too, I needed a family, a group who would be supportive, where everyone would feel they are accepted and loved for themselves.

Two years ago, I got this amazing opportunity where I built a community of like-minded creatives. They all felt genuinely cared for and EVERY single time when our meetup was over, they felt nourished and their energy replenished. Not to mention that some of them became as close as sisters … From that moment on, I knew this was my calling, to build women circles and connect like-minded souls.

Allow me to take you on a self-discovery journey … you will form connections, while going through the process together … allow yourself to be an example for yourself and others on how to get rid of shame and limiting beliefs and really shine from the inside out…

I can promise you one thing … this experience will change you for good and something inside tells me you won’t regret it.

Here is my why …

Firstly, I believe we should care for each other more … I’m talking about a genuine care here …
I want us to drop our masks, to release our shame and guilt …
I want us to be vulnerable and genuine with each other.

Secondly, many workshops I’ve attended didn’t put any emphasis on connecting people.
When one is dealing just with themselves, they miss out on so many gifts.

I’m on a mission to create supportive, inspiring and caring environment with small intimate circles
I want us to spread love and care like a butter of choice on a fresh slice of an artisan bread 🙂

Lastly, my big wake up call came in 2017 when I lost a friend due to heart failure whilst I was with him.
From that moment on I realized how important it is that we don’t waste time because it is finite,
we will never get it back.

I asked myself for the first time:
If I had 5 more hours left in my life, would I want to spend it with that person / in this way?

My biggest joy is when I support a person to go for their best life, to use their creative talents …
when I hold a space so a person can voice their fears & limiting beliefs …
when they can be vulnerable with me … that is such a gift.

What I wish to hand out to women …

I saw this quote the other day that resonated so much with me…
“If all girls were taught how to love each other fiercely instead of how to compete with each other and hate their bodies, what a different and beautiful world we would live in”
by Nikita Gill.

I too suffered shame and bullying all the way to my adolescence.
I never had a strong support from women until I decided to take matters in my own hands and create a loving tribe.

My main priority is to provide a safe space for women, so they feel they can express themselves fully.
We can help each other grow and most importantly, we can help each other to release guilt and shame …
it’s been enough. <3

WHY this works …

I am aware sisterhood doesn’t happen overnight, that is why I’m taking you on a self-journey …
where you will start healing your shame/limiting beliefs & become more aware of your strengths, your power, find clarity and love yourself deeper.

If we wish to establish sisterhood we need to go through a process together.
Hence we are following a theme of 7 chakra system which will lead us into the depths of ourselves.

Our gatherings include:
one gathering per month. Each month we cover a different chakra, starting with the first one.

As for the rest, it is time for us to connect by the power of storytelling …
it is time to connect to our wild and wise part in us <3

owning our story

Read this if not anything else:
HOW does it work? …

Discussions will come in a form of healing storytelling.
Max 5 women per online meetup.

By “healing” I mean, this is a safe space for you to be honest, vulnerable and just authentic You.
Each time we’ll share two type of stories, one of courage & inspiration and the other one of vulnerability or shame. Just to clarify, you are not forced or pressured to share any story if you don’t feel you want to … sometimes it is enough just to listen and receive healing from others … 

A short 3 min video of a conversation on sisterhood.

Why storytelling? 

Everyone of us has a unique story.

You see, you might not even know this but your story is full of wisdom, love, growth, mystery and more!

By sharing you get to do both … give and receive.

You give an amazing gift to others: hope, dreams, courage, expansion of their horizons …
you inspire, you heal, you create magic.
Trust me, you do have this power!
Do believe me, this is so powerful.

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