#TrueTuesday: How to live in the now?

Today, 2 years ago a friend of mine died … while we were together. 😢

At the age of 38, his heart stopped in a blink of a second … there was no chance to say goodbye. I still remember waiting on a metro platform in the centre of Amsterdam and watching medical professionals trying to bring him to life. I just couldn’t imagine that he would never wake up again. It was unimaginable for me, I was desperately holding on to hope.
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A half-deaf participant or what change in your client’s life are you most proud of?

The other day I had a tough day, it wasn’t business related but still. Somehow the Universe wanted to cheer me up by sending a few touching feedbacks my way from my loving clients. They couldn’t have chosen a better day.

That made me ponder the questions:

Friday Friends: How to unstuck, unblock and unleash your creativity?

My short answer: The Artist’s Way book by Julia Cameron
I should stop writing after the first sentence as you should take my word, buy the book and send me a thank you note 12 weeks later. 😀 I mean it, promise! However, something tells me you need more convincing, right? Okay, read on my dear.

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