Friday Friends: Meet Ilona, a compassionate & clarity coach

Meet Ilona, who is one of the special human for me.
We have been exchanging our Oracle card readings on weekly basis for the last year and a half! She has been my constant cheerleader and a compassionate friend.

That said, after years of studying and coaching she has finally decided to have a website (I know right:), where she opened her heart & a generous hand to all of us who need it <3

Do check her out as she is an amazing lady and a manifestor by Human design <3
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Kitchen Table Sisterhood is going to be on Alchemical Soul Business Summit

Hello hellooo,
I’m so excited that Kitchen Table Sisterhood is going to be on
the Alchemical Soul Summit 2019  which is from 23 – 27. Sep 2019.
For 5 WHOLE days, the Alchemical Soul Summit is bringing you presentations from over 20 industry experts who have TONS of valuable advice to share with you all about Spiritual Entrepreneurship … for FREE!!! 

The exciting news is that I have an interview or rather a discussion with one of our Kitchen Table sisters Belen!😍😍

We talk about the Kitchen Table Sisterhood and its value for like-minded women to connect, empower and inspire each other in this isolating world.

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Friday Friends: Arleta BW – Healh & Theta coach

Arleta and I hit it off immediately when we met in B-school. She is such an amazing and kind soul. What I admire about her the most is her compassion and willingness to help everybody.

She helped me shift some of my diffucult limiting beliefs and I’m forever grateful to her.

Do check her out, as I’m sure she can be very helpful to you as well <3

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Do you meditate? I was afraid to start …

… let me explain … about 14 years ago, I was just about 2 years into a relationship with a guy … the honeymoon phase was over, the chemistry ran out … every weekend we would fight about god knows what … and I cried … A LOT!

After some time that smart guy suggested we should have started meditating … together …

because that seemed to be our last resort to see if we would have gotten over the hurdles … if we could have dig deeper …

I got scared like sh!t … my first thought was … “man, he was going to figure out what a bad person I was” (I used to be convinced that I was a really really terrible person)

I was like … “I better play along with him otherwise I might lose what we had … or even worse … I might lose him”😱

We decided on a meditation technique of the author who had convinced us …

By reading his book one part of me genuinely felt relief … I sensed there was freedom behind all those negative emotions, reactions, pain that I felt …

We started meditating …

I don’t want to be corny but meditation saved our relationship … I am still together with that guy (now married, poor thing – him, not me just kidding )

However, the best thing about meditation was that for the first time I was able to be an observer …. to wait … to be a silent witness … to respond not to react …

I can’t tell how grateful I am to be able to practice that powerful technique … it’s been giving me so much …

At one point a few years after our innitial start I was asked to lead online group meditations for Indian people living in the US and India …

Then I organized classes to teach people meditation …

I lead group meditations in the parks (that was the best thing!) as well as recorded some …

and I stopped meditating all together for a block of five years due to some life events … because I’m just a human …

Do you meditate?
And how?

Friday Friends: Anna Loza – when sensuality meets abundance

I met Anna through Marie Forleo’s B-school and have been following her work ever since.

I admire her courage, the way that she speaks about themes that are still taboo for many women: sexuality and pleasure. She is devoted to help women to feel comfortable & empowered in their bodies so they can create money mindset. <3

Meet Anna Loza, a sensuality & boldness coach for entrepreneurs.
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