Our vision is to create a space for like-minded women to

and hold space for each other

because every single woman deserves
to have a group of women who cheer for her.

For that reason Kitchen Table Sisterhood was created.
Do join us if you feel the call <3

Welcome to co-create this space together with us.

Barchi – Kitchen Table Sisterhood Facilitator  & Clarity Guide


She is a projector which means her gift is to guide others to understand what are they here to create as she recognizes their true value and talents.

A wizard at starting things up, motivating others and keeping things together, her magic runs deep in connections.

Her vision is to live in a world where everyone cares for each other as if they were family or close friends. With that in mind, she founded Kitchen Table Sisterhood … to inspire, empower, connect & heal through the power of storytelling.

She also provides Readings to help you get to know your true strengths, talents & what your creative/soul mission is in this life.

Belen – Artist & Compassionate Supporter

She may fool you at first with her timid nature, but you won’t have to wait long to experience her passionate Spanish heart, full of love which doesn’t discriminate.

Everyone who crosses her path is lucky because one gets to experience genuine care and compassion.

She is a wise lady, the one that you seek when your heart is in pain and your mind unclear.

With her magic she nurtures your wounds and soothes your soul. If you’re lucky, dear reader, you’ll have a chance to met her.

Carolina – Shaman/Nature Whisperer in disguise

Some people don’t need a spotlight because it would be too loud and busy for them to hear the sounds of nature. You might not notice her at first but if you do, you will be rewarded with her compassionate heart.

If you look closely you’ll see wisdom shining from her young and sparkling eyes.

Mother Earth is her fuel. You might find her in deep conversations with plants … just learn by observing If you are lucky, she will pass some bits of wisdom on to you … and don’t forget, like with all wild things … handle with care.