Friday Friends: Meet Tash, truforgiveness coach whose method changes lives

All I can say about Tash is that her method really helped me out with some major blocks. It isn’t easy, easy not fun all the time but it is effective. I can’t recommend it enough <3

1. How do you serve others with your business?
I am a spiritual healer/teacher that offers a path to true healing and the mind-correction from fear to love. I have birthed into consciousness the newest tool to transform. It is called The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH and the ‘I Forgive’ Principle. For those familiar with A Course in Miracles, this is the practical application of the type of Forgiveness that is mentioned in the Course.

Teaching clients to undo fear to return their thinking to love, Perfect Love, is the greatest gift. And seeing them transform, is more incredible than I could have imagined. There is such joy about it, for I teach how to give up suffering to know grace. Not only do beliefs correct, as I mentioned from fear to love, but this in turn changes the script in time they were set to encounter. For what is within is always projected outwards. By removing the veil of guilt that is covering their mind, it corrects how they interpret the world, for no longer is it dark and depressing, but light and loving. How much more miraculous could this be!
As I teach them to undo the ego-self to find their true Self that is perfect, peaceful, and powerful that is hidden within, the dark void that once dragged them down with feelings of isolation, loneliness, lack, etc. is lifted and in its place is the remembrance of Perfect Love and everything that this offers: wholeness, holiness, innocence, freedom, happiness, peace, joy, abundance!
2. What is your story? Why did you start doing what you do? 
I have always loved God. Even though I was born into a non-religious or spiritual family. When I was a little girl and my mother was telling me to do something, I firmly replied back, “Don’t tell me what to do. You are not my parent, God is.”
It was how I truly felt. I didn’t fit in here and wanted to be with God, even though I didn’t know who He was. But I would soon understand.
At the age of 8, I had a profound spiritual occurrence. As I lay in bed one evening, shaking in terror, for this was how I felt each and every moment, suddenly the bedroom went from complete fear to what I could only describe as Perfect Love. Finally, I could breathe. Gone were the locusts that swirled through my belly morning, noon and night and in its place was a love so complete that I felt peace for the first time. I now knew what safety was and it was incredible.
Suddenly, He spoke. I was not alone. He said, “My Precious Child. Please do not be afraid, for one day in your twenties you will understand.” He never said that He was leaving, but I knew He had, for I was back to shaking in fear. He didn’t say He loved me, but I knew He did, for I had never felt a love so complete. This was to be my first experience of Perfect Love, the same type of love that ACIM speaks of, where nothing else can enter. As wholeness is truth, not the fear of the guilt of sin that the ego sells.
Little did I know that things would continue to get worse for me, no matter what I did. I held on through the dark years, in the hope that things would improve in my twenties. I didn’t understand that the mention of the twenties was not a coming of age, but rather a decade of time. You see, this event happened to me in 1982, I was yet to know that in the coming decades, that the period of time would be known as the ‘twenties’. Truth be told, I would not have had the strength to hold on that long!
So, I was always destined to do God’s work. The Treasure Map is the joint venture between God and myself. She is the baby I share with Him. I used to dream about having a little girl and that I would call her Samsara. For those that do not know, Samsara in Eastern religions is the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Which is quite ironic, as this is what The Treasure Map undoes. It undoes your need to continue to project, leading you to enlightenment and one day to spiritual awakening.
I went through absolute hell to get the contents of The Treasure Map, but it was totally worth it, as my ego was undone and my thinking has been returned to right-mindedness, which is peace and love. It is this that allows me to live in the happy dream, instead of being dragged through the pain of punishment.
Do not be frightened of the darkness within you, as hidden underneath it is the truth of your golden light of Perfect Love.
3. The most amazing/inspiring story in your business?
Prior to teaching people how to undo fear and find the truth of their love, I used to be a medium. I was traveling in the Greek Islands in 1999 when I came across an American/Greek young lady. We got to speaking and suddenly I was offering her words that even I did not understand.
The following year later, whilst I was in Sydney, my partner at the time telephoned me, who was in Greece. He asked me if I remembered the American/Greek girl that I had helped the previous summer. I said that I did. He then went on to tell me that her uncle had come looking for me to tell me that I had saved her life. And how grateful the family was.
What a beautiful gift I received. I had helped to ease her suffering and that is what I am all about.
4. The funniest/embarrassing story in your business?
I honestly can’t think of anything embarrassing. I mean, I make many mistakes, but I just take them as an opportunity to truly forgive now. To turn what was once dark into delight.
And funny, I can’t think of this either. But I can think of joyous! Every day that I get to introduce this map to miracles that will ease people’s suffering and teach them the true way to undo their pain to find the peace within is a happy and joyous time for me.
I truly feel so blessed to be doing this work. I am the luckiest girl in the world. But truth be told, if you knew my entire background story, you would understand why this gift has landed in my lap. It really is the Cinderella story!
And I found my Prince Charming… God! Perfect Love. And it is this Perfect Love within that allows me to live my dreams and to help others live theirs as well!
Inside all of us is this perfect, peaceful, powerful Self. You just need to know the path of FAITH to find it.
5. If you could do/make/change/anything in your business what would that be?
I would have some help.
I first started putting this map to miracles together in 1999, so it has taken a long time to bring it together. But it is worth the wait. It is that good.
About Tash
My name is Tash McKenna and I am the mother of The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness, FAITH and the ‘I Forgive’ Principle; and her Father is God. She has a soft feminine energy but possesses a power that is not of this world, and she will make miracles for you!
This mind-correction undoes fear, returning you to right-minded thinking which is peace and love. Not only is it a tool to enlighten, but does lead to spiritual awakening. Before this happens, you get to walk through the happy dream that grants your deepest desires based upon the truth of Perfect Love. 
Right now, I am building the 12-month enlightenment course, it is called The Mastery of Right mind, so I am quite quiet on social media. However, if you do want to get social with me, I can be found here:
Much love, peace, and Truforgiveness,
Tash xxx

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