Friday Friends: Meet Autumn Seibel a medium due to her personal loss

I’ve never had an experience with a medium but if I ever needed one, I would  picked Autumnđź’–

She also makes magic with the Moon which means she manifested an amazing life, currently in Africa.

2 really interesting things happened today when her interview was scheduled for online:

  1. I attended my first sewing class … sewing is something I’ve always wanted to do and wanted my granny to teach me but she passed away before she did so. So it was a bit of emotional day for me as I remembered all the times me watching her sew … but all the memories are beautiful <3
  2.  my hubby watched a documentary of a woman who under a hypnosis started to talk with a dead son of a hypnoterapist … she didn’t know about his son so it was a mind shift for him

Do you have a special person in your life you’d like to talk to if they were alive?

Here is Autumn and her story …

1. How do you serve others with your business?

I serve others with my business by connecting individuals to their loved ones in spirit via private validation sessions as well as teach spiritual seekers how to uncover their own spiritual gifts and manifest lives they love by using the natural cycles of the moon.
2. What is your story? 
I grew up as a highly intuitive and sensitive kid in a rural Alaskan town where I followed my physician mother around while she visited patients in the hospital, at her office, in residential facilities and on house calls. It was in these early years that her elderly and terminally ill patients taught me not to fear death and about what the process of transition looks like as a person moves closer to their final days and eventual transition to spirit.
Why did you start doing what you do?
When I was 16 years old my oldest brother was murdered overseas and while healing from the trauma of his sudden death he began coming to me in dream states as a way to heal my grief. Through his dream visits I began to heal and became very interested in understanding the practice of mediumship and connecting to our loved ones on the other side to find peace, healing and forgiveness. By connecting with my older brother in a safe and nurtured way I was able to learn that I could help others heal from the grief of their loss by sharing my gift of mediumship. Becoming a professional educator with a Masters in Education along my journey helped me learn how I could teach others to also uncover their own unique spiritual gifts.
3. The most amazing/inspiring story in your business?
The most amazing story in my business would have to be the responses I get back from clients after private sessions. Mediumship is such a natural and integrated part of my life and my world view that it always makes me smile when individuals who are new to mediumship get an irrefutable sign from their loved one during a private session or later when they are developing their own mediumship abilities after we have connected. Knowing that we can connect to our loved ones both after they transition (or some say “die”) as well as before they are born (some say “incarnate”) is a gift I am honored to witness with each new individual I encounter in my business. Seeing their world view broaden and their spirit come alive inspires me to keep going and do what I can to help as many people as possible find peace, healing and/or forgiveness for themselves or a loved one.
4. The funniest/embarrassing story in your business?
Sometimes I have to edit what spirit shows me! I am a clairvoyant & claircognizant medium which means I “see” and “feel” spirit. And by “see” it is more of an internal seeing and by “feel” it is like a whole body sensation. I equate it to closing my eyes and watching a movie on the back of my forehead if that makes sense : ) Sometimes, if I’m not understanding a subtly of what is coming through, spirit will up the ante to get my attention or help me get the message across. I had a boyfriend recently come through in a reading for his girlfriend who was a very kind and soft spoken librarian in her mid 50’s and lets just say… he wanted to thank her for his very passion filled final months. The message was about releasing inhibitions and loving at a depth I didn’t expect from the sweet and unassuming woman sitting across from me.  The funny part was that it reminded me of when two teenagers get their parents car keys!
Thankfully as I’ve developed in my mediumship, spirit only does this during scheduled sessions because it can become a TMI/information overload situation if I don’t set firm boundaries with the living… and spirit!
5. If you could do/make/change anything in your business what would that be?
If I could change anything in my business it would be my ability to share my authentic self more unabashedly (as spirit is always encouraging me to do) but I am actually a very shy and private person. It’s taken me years to come out of my shell (and the spiritual closet!) but I’ve realized that in order to help the most people on this side of life and in spirit I have to continually expand out of my comfort zone and expose who I am at my core to the world. With mediumship, for the messages to come through clearly and really resonate with the receiver I have to let down my guard and allow myself to be vulnerable… which is not always an easy thing to do in today’s modern world.
Autumn Seibel

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