Friday Friends: Arleta BW – Healh & Theta coach

Arleta and I hit it off immediately when we met in B-school. She is such an amazing and kind soul. What I admire about her the most is her compassion and willingness to help everybody.

She helped me shift some of my diffucult limiting beliefs and I’m forever grateful to her.

Do check her out, as I’m sure she can be very helpful to you as well <3

  1. How do you serve others with your business?
    I am a Health Coach and Theta. I guide and support my clients in changing their life, lifestyle and habits, removing blocks and limiting beliefs, and recreating their life in the way that truly aligns with them. I empower SENSEtives (Highly Sensitive People, Empaths and Intuitives) and guide them in way to manage themselves and their SENSEtivity in the world, to allow them to tap into their superpower and embrace it fully.
  2. What is your story? Why did you start doing what you do?
    I have spent years working in hospitality, after which I went to university and graduated in Business and Human Resource Management. Throughout the years, I was trying to fit into what I felt was expected of me, or what society expected of someone who wanted to be successful. I never went for a corporate career, as by the time I graduated I got unwell. After a not so short search, I found someone who was able to help me and I learned that I have adrenal fatigue. The outcome of years of overworking myself and stress. I realised I have been in a fight and flight response my whole life, and my body was done with it.So I took time off to recover, planning to jump back into the corporate world dream ASAP. I love business and HR. I really enjoyed studying it but the irony is that I also procrastinated during my 4 years of university by cooking and researching and learning about nutrition. I had spent by then about 10 years dedicating my time and energy to holistic health, mind and body connection, spirituality and of course nutrition.To make a long story short, during my recovery time, I attempted temp jobs in offices and my health would get pushed back again, I dreaded them truly and at some point I stopped fighting it. I allowed myself to think I can do what I love, and decided to start a nutrition blog. Through that small decision other things followed. I joined Marie Forleo’s Bschool, I trained in Theta Healing and I graduated as a Health Coach. This wasn’t an obvious thing then, I had doubts and I was confused by my lack of ability to push myself to work in the corporate world. But the truth is it was never my path to take, at least not in the way I assumed it should be 🙂
    I allowed myself not to make a huge life decision, but simply explore the next options, when I signed myself for my Theta Healing training and  my Health Coaching course, those were the moments I knew I was doing what I meant to do, what I love and am so passionate about.

    Because of my health problems I really had to test, compromise, understand and search for truly holistic ways of healing, while combining it with the science and nutrition. I truly understood neither of them works very well on their own. I accepted and love now the fact that I am both logical, loving science and data as well as intuitive and able to sense energy. It is my uniqueness which makes it easier for me to do what I do, to be a Health Coach and Theta Healer.

  3. The most amazing/inspiring story in your business?
    It’s a hard question this one, I am inspired every time I work with someone and we manage to clear some big stuff for them. I love when I am getting my intuitive information during sessions and clients confirm with huge stories to follow or with great emotional releases. I find every single one of my clients inspiring, and their resolve and dedication to themselves. And the great plus of a Universe and the magic of mirroring is that while I work with my clients, I often get loads of growth and understanding for myself.
  4. The funniest/embarrassing story in your business?
    I had a client I did a Past Life Regression with, which is a face to face service I offer where I create a crystal grid around my client and take them to their past and/or future lives to aid any healing, karma clearing  and completion of any other lessons. I found it quite hilarious and probably a good sign of my work that one of my client told me at the end of our session that he now believes in reincarnation. Apparently he didn’t when he came for the session
  5. If you could do/make/change anything in your business what would that be?
    I would never change anything in my path to where I am now. If I could do anything I probably would get more external help to run my business to ease my need of knowing how to run website or what plug-ins to install. I can do it but I would love to spend my time elsewhere.
    I think this is typical of someone who runs their own business, you suddenly become your own IT expert, accountant, graphic designer, marketer, photographer and who knows what else hahha.

    It was lovely to chat with you Barchi and thank you for taking your time to feature me on your website.
    My name is Arleta Blackley-Wiertelak, although it is quite a mouthful to say, so you can find me in most spaces as ArletaBWMy website:

    You can find me on Facebook and Instagram @ArletaBW

    YouTube channel

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