Friday Friends: Anna Loza – when sensuality meets abundance

I met Anna through Marie Forleo’s B-school and have been following her work ever since.

I admire her courage, the way that she speaks about themes that are still taboo for many women: sexuality and pleasure. She is devoted to help women to feel comfortable & empowered in their bodies so they can create money mindset. <3

Meet Anna Loza, a sensuality & boldness coach for entrepreneurs.

1. How do you serve others with your business?
I support visionary women in grounding their planetary-scale ideas via creating a sensual expansion! By accessing pleasure, orgasm and expanding your capacity to receive goodness, you become confident, magnetic, and shed the people-pleasing tendencies that keep so many women playing small. When you’re guided by your turn-on and know what you’re here for — your work business becomes truly unlimited!
2. What is your story? Why did you start doing what you do?
Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a doctor — today, I understand that impulse as the desire to heal, and to bring one into connection with their Innermost Truth. After studying Psychology and Neuroscience in university,

I felt like there was something so much more soulful and holistic than the traditional, boxed, dry-feeling path I was looking down. I started to weave my gifts into an entrepreneurial journey, and I’ve been honing my skills and my expertise ever since!

3. The most amazing/inspiring story in your business?
I am infinitely grateful for the location-freedom I have prioritized ever since emphasizing the creation of my own work, rather than being tied to a physical location with a higher-up boss. Working for myself allowed me to say Yes to following my heart when I met my future-husband on a beach in the Caribbean. I had the freedom and ability to give our connection the devotion I wanted, and I truly embody that we get to have it all: Love, Living our Soul’s Calling, and creating a lifestyle of our choosing on a daily basis.
4. The funniest/embarrassing story in your business?
I usually travel with my jade wand — basically, a crystal dildo. And I had to tell as much to a TSA agent who not only wanted to inspect my carry-on, by became deeply curious about what was inside the felt-purple pouch. It was quite a moment, for both of us, I think!
5. If you could do/make/change anything in your business what would that be?
I would invest in an intentional community, as well as high-level 1:1 mentorship from the get-go. I went at it alone for years, and could have scaled my consciousness around finances, sales and all the sacred skills I use today much quicker, if I was willing to see what was really available to me.

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