Friday Friends: Lola Peña – My Ayurveda doctor who serves women

I met Lola on one of the meetups when we both still lived in Amsterdam. She introduced me to yoni eggs, shared her wisdom with me and best of all: became my friend.

She has since moved to her native Spain where she keeps on empowering women with her deep knowledge of Ayurveda and her big personality <3

Meet Lola Peña …

1. How do you serve others with your business?

On my daily Ayurvedic consultations I serve others helping them to find their unique balance through the understanding and the connection to their bodies, mind, spirit.  With the new Project Ayurveda from women to women, I hope to be able to add my contribution to the planet increasing the global collective awareness about solidarity, conscious eating, positive female union and empowerment through education to women with lower sources. I believe education should be an accessible right to those who want to develop themselves, and it is necessary for the evolution of the society at an economic, social and cultural level.


2. What is your story? Why did you start doing what you do?
I had four clear goals; I wanted to expand Ayurveda, and help women on their kitchen with healthy recipes that mostly balance all constitutions from each home, so they could experience the benefits. Each participant provided recipes from their area, to show to the world that cooking Ayurvedically outside India is possible. At the same time, we get to know other gastronomical cultures. 

I started to contact women that have inspired me along my path and that I consider them professionals in the field of Ayurveda, to participate on this project, to show to the world that when women get together and put their heart in what we do, we can manifest magic and wonderful things. At the same time, I wanted to provide my humble tribute and show my respect to them. This was my third goal.

The fourth one was to create a book, which benefits will go into free scholarships from educational programs endorsed by UNESCO Center and other international non-lucrative organizations, to empower women to become whoever wants to become. The book is called ¨Vegetarian and Vegan Ayurvedic multicultural recipes to align yourself with your biorhythm¨. 
3. The most amazing/inspiring story in your business?
I love the fact that there are still people that want to help others through nonlucrative projects. Every time I contacted a woman to be part of the project and confirmed that loved to join, I got so much positive energy and motivation to keep developing the idea until its manifestation.  33 Ayurveda women experts from different places all over the world have made it possible. I am super grateful. It’s not my project anymore is Ayurveda, from women 2 women.

Also, the fact that Egleé Martinez Vicepresident from UNESCO Center wanted to provide all the current educational programs and support our goals by covering part of the scholarship working together for the same mission it’s also very powerful. We are already getting many emails for studies enrolments even though the book is not in the market yet. 

The healthy union of women is so powerful and how things are flowing, getting the support of so many people really inspire me. We are all one nation, without borders or flags.
4. The funniest/embarrassing story in your business?

I have to admit that at the beginning I really had the fear to be refused or that I wouldn’t get the support from any of the participants. Especially when I explained that for 4 years I was having a repeated dream about a world map full of dots. Actually, I always thought that the dream was linked to the fact that I love traveling and I couldn’t afford it time/money-wise. When I was developing the site, then I only realized that the dream was linked to this project and it felt like I am a channel to manifest it. There is a world map with dots showing where the participants are located. Actually, it feels like I have this duty, that comes from a higher level. 

Some people took me seriously, but of course, by the reaction from others, I can tell you that they really thought I was ¨cucu¨😉  I admit I had some pretty awkward moments, I guess was worse for them 😄
Anyway, we need to overcome our fears and do what we feel its right to do, always being authentic and ourselves. I can’t express all my gratitude to all the participants that they have trust in the project. 

5. If you could do/make/change anything in your business what would that be?  is a social project (more than a business), developed during my free time, where I put all my soul (and savings), with no regrets. I have learned a lot along the process and for sure next time (if we are able to sell the books well), for the next volume I would do some things differently. I would stick to the deadlines that I provided, in order to reduce my own stress levels, I would be more clear about certain aspects to the collaborators, and I will ask for more help, hopefully, I would be able to delegate more and enjoy even more the whole process. 

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