Trust Tuesday: A story about a rabbit with a special skill & an important question for you to answer

“Would you tell me a fairytale?”, my husband asked the other day when he couldn’t fall asleep. That was more of a joke because he expected a story so boring that he would pass out as soon as I began:)

Well, that didn’t happen. Here is a story I came up with …

“Once upon a time, in a land far away there was a forest … at first glance it seemed gray but only because christmas trees grow there. In that beautiful forest lived a gray rabbit Ronald … he was a professional painter. Not an ordinary though. He had a special gift. He could paint a portrait of someone in their last year of life … no matter how far ahead that was … so they would know when was their time.

To show his gift he would carry his self-portrait wherever he went. It showed an old rabbit with white fur, long gray mustache, wearing thick brown west, glasses and a brown hat.

One afternoon our rabbit Ronald decided it was time to find some new clients. Off he went holding his self-portrait in one paw and a suitcase full of paints in the other one. First he met hedgehog Herman. After they exchanged greetings Herman asked: “What is that picture you’ve got there?” Ronald showed him his painting and didn’t say a thing. Hedgehog quietly observed, and finally remarked: “Holy pear, this guy looks like an older version of you. Who is that? Your grandpa? Why are you carrying around his picture?”

Rabbit explained that the painting was his self-portrait of the last year of his life. That’s how he knew when he will go. Until then he is planning to enjoy his life to the fullest, because there is no fear in his life. He knows that every decision he makes it is the right one.

Hedgehog was baffled … he realized that his portrait was the very thing he needed himself … so Ronald made him one. In the painting his needles were all white more scarce but around his eyes one could see smiling wrinkles and he looked content.

Rabbit was pleased with his work and further he went.

At some point he wanted to cross a river but couldn’t find a bridge … luckily he ran into a beaver Bill and Bill went immediately into action and chewed a nearby tree so that Ronald could cross safely  … However Ronald decided to give Bill the beaver a gift, a painting.

When beaver understood the magic of the painting he said he would rather meet his girlfriend first than know how he was going to look like in his last year of life.

Rabbit Ronald found a solution … he proposed to paint a portrait of Bill and his future wife in the last year of their lives … and so he did. Bill the beaver couldn’t put his eyes off the beautiful beaver lady in the portrait. He just knew she was the one <3

Rabbit Ronald then finally crossed the river however unaware he came in a territory of a big gray wolf Walter … soon their paths crossed … big Walter was happy to encounter a juicy furry rabbit … well … as it turned out, the rabbit didn’t want to do the portrait for the wolf … do you know why?

What would your portrait look like the last year of your life?

Can you imagine it?

Just close your eyes and think about it …

What can you do right at this moment, so that your portrait would radiate nothing but pure love and content?

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to answer those questions 😉 They are for you, only for you.

Oh and how the story ends? Well, a wolf got a heart attack on the spot so there was no use of painting his mean face 🙂 As for Ronald … he still happily hops around enchanted forest filled with gray christmas trees.

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