Friday Friends: Intimate storytelling aka Kitchen Table Sisterhood

Well, it might sound funny to promote something of mine but it just feels right … why, because I get comments like:
Connecting deeply, sharing and listening, laughing together – these are all things we as humans need and crave. It is what is missing in our lives. It is why people feel so alone and isolated.

There is some feedback I wanted to share with you … and leave you to see if this is something for you <3

I asked women how they felt in our online group settings <3

Here is what some of them said …

“I felt safe and supported, as though I was catching up with friends. The environment was soothing, and a place to share our authentic self.”

“I felt cozy, safe, relaxed. I felt supported and cared for as opposed to judged. I felt I was in the right environment to open up and share my vulnerabilities with other women that would listen to me in a loving and non-judgmental way. I also felt the connection and empathy to create the space so these other women could open up and share as well. So in short, I felt pretty awesome!”

“I felt like it was a safe environment for me to share things that can be difficult to share. I didn’t feel judged, I felt empowered. I felt loved (I really appreciate the sending of the love a the end of the share vs responses).”

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