Vulnerability hangover as Brene Brown named it …

I had a dream about creating a safe, loving, warm space for people to gather and share their stories … different ones … inspiring and vulnerable …
Why vulnerable, because by sharing what we feel it is hard, we see that the thing we feared holds no longer grip on us … with sharing we open our heart and connect to other people’s hearts and that is the best cure. I promise!

Nothing beats gennuine heart connection.
Discussions in Kitchen Table Sisterhood can leave us vulnerable … we might feel bare naked after our gathering … <3

In the last couple of days I had a few discussions with some of my beautiful ladies about sharing stories and how they felt about it.

Let me first honour their openness, vulnerability and authenticity though … Kudos to you my dear warrior sisters, you know who you are <3

I know we feel guarded when we share something personal in front of people we don’t know … I am actually surprised how many women are sharing so much based on the fact that we just started and most of them don’t know each other … It amazes me every single time!
I am grateful for your trust more than you’ll ever know.
You see, every single session, my highest intention is to create & obtain a loving, judgement-free space for all … to make you feel you are heard and accepted as you are … for me that is a no. 1 thing.

Let me share my vulnerability hangover …

Well, I feel vulnerable too (no kidding, right 🙂  … for me, the most vulnerable thing is to share a pic of myself … I dislike that so much I can’t express. I remember when I was a kid, preschool I loved posing for pictures and honestly, I looked really lovely on those. It was later when I hit puberty that uncertainty and all the mean self-talk sneaked inside my mind and didn’t leave me alone.
When I look at my photos from my high-school I can see so many disturbing emotions running in the back …

It also took me forever to be able to express myself and sharing my stories … so this doesn’t come naturally to me but it always brings me a reward (more on this in a moment)

Why are we so afraid to share ourselves with others?
It’s easy right, we don’t wish to be judged or shamed …
We might think …” Oh f***, what did I say … jeez, what will they think of me?”

Think about it though …
  1. NO one, absolutely NO one thinks about you as much as YOU do … seriously … so just relax 😉
  2. If they DO think anything strange about you … it’s really not about you but about THEM … they have a pain that they need to address … a place which hasn’t cracked yet so love couldn’t get in to heal them <3
  3. I honestly believe everyone in this group is so amazing so I am sure there is no place for drama and stuff like that
What is my price, you might ask … well, as I mentioned … what I though I will die of actually brings me closer to my people … because only when we open our hearts we can trully connect to each other

Also, tell me, where do you feel vulnerable the most?
If you want to of course …
Much love <3

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