Trust Tuesday: If you are depressed …

My dearest,

firstly forgive me for my radio silence … I moved house and it was really chaotic … so much so that I got sick which is not something I usually experience often … I know, such a spoiled person, aren’t I?  😀

I want to confess that I haven’t really got a clue what does depression really feels like because I’ve never experienced it first hand.

The closest I got was when I lived in a remote place in Canada surrounded by people who felt so different to me that I thought if that was going to last forever then I’d rather be dead! No kidding.

But to justify why I feel I still can talk about this subject are two things …

firstly, almost everyone around me, my closest family and some friends have been through depression at some point. I as an outsider could see the effect on them from my perspective. I honestly used to believe they were selfish as hell.

I know, you can totally judge me for that.

I don’t believe that anymore however I believe the world where they locked themselves into is not a pink one and they should get some help to find a way out.

Secondly, for some reason, which I am sure it isn’t a coincidence, I have the ability to naturally inspire. I can make a person them feel better about themselves and elevate their mindset.
Today when so many people feel isolated, lonely or that they don’t belong as well as that nothing really matters, I feel passionate to change that … in group settings such as kitchen table sisterhood events as well as in personal guidance, to shine a light on your unique role in this world and why does it matter.
So if you are struggling, reach out to me … I won’t sell you my services but I’ll provide one act of kindness to you and perhaps it will brightnen your day just for a bit … that’s all I desire for you …

Why? Because we are in this together … if you feel like shit, it affect everyone. It is important to remedy that because YOU are important.

Drop me an email …

Much love to you <3

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