Friday Friends: How to change habits for good?

Dear friend,

this post is a short but with an important message.

I recently listened Deliciously Ella: the podcast with an amazing guest Shahroo Izadi. Besides being a behaviour specialist, author of a book a book called The Kindness Method, she is an extremely grounded, inspiring, talented and caring woman. One of those whom you would love to have for a friend.
I listened to the podcast she was on twice and I will probably listened to it again, because it is so life-changing and inspiring.

She asks some amazingly profound questions which will shift your mindset and start you question things you took for granted. Or rather something that could NEVER change.

So if you want to change ANYTHING in your life … I beg you, listen to Deliciously Ella podcast, and thank me later down below.

I promise you won’t regret it.
Much love and really, go and listen … you’ll love it!


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