Friday Friends: Who is my favorite Feng Shui consultant

I came across her page more than 5 years ago and was stunned by the visual appeal of her site as well as her social media engagement.
She surely did know how to make things beautiful.

However, that wasn’t what convinced me.

Dana from The Tao of Dana is exceptionally generous. She hares so much about which practices, techniques and things work for her and which don’t.

One thing that she shared which had been unknown to me by that time was Julia Cameron’s book, the Artist’s Way. I believe if it wasn’t for Dana, I wouldn’t have been introduced to one of the most transformational books that I’ve ever read in my life. <3

I wrote and will write again and again about the magic that Julia’s book has brought in my life. If it wasn’t for that book this site wouldn’t have had existed as well as all my precious friendships etc.

The Artist’s Way is a book out of this world, I swear to my love of chocolate <3
Back to Dana … she inspired me to purchase her book, Feng Shui 101 as well as to start studying Feng Shui myself (I didn’t finish the study though) because of her totally “makes sense” down-to-earth approach.
@the Tao of Dana
@the Tao of Dana
What I love about her is that she follows a modern way of Feng Shui, which isn’t about finding “lucky” positions or objects and placing them in our home when we secretly dislike/hate them lol. 🙂
Her way is all about being in charge of your life, being responsible and hence making decisions from an empowering point state of mind whilst following Feng Shui guidelines.
If that alone doesn’t persuade you, I don’t know what does.:)

P.s. just on a side note … Dana is decluttering ambassador probably as much as Marie Condo <3

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