Friday Friends: How do you truly forgive – yourself?

Here is the thing my dear, I’ve tried a lot of methods on how to forgive myself for my past actions and how to forgive others for treating me badly … but nothing so far has worked for me like the one I’m going to share with you.

It’s called the Truforgiveness by Tash McKenna … Her life story is amazing enough to persuade you that she is the real deal. She went from being in agonizing pain to complete health & mental freedom by surrendering herself to the power of Truforgiveness which she channelled during her dark times.


How does it work?

To simplify, Tash has designed a series of questions which lead you deeper and deeper into your unknown as you are applying the method she created.
Responding to questions is how you are being guided throughout the process.
The only, as well as the hardest thing you need to do, is, to be completely honest with yourself.
As you dig within you are revealing layer after layer until you reach the core limiting belief, the one that had power over you for so long.
If/when you do that, you get to experience ENORMOUS relief … it’s amazing how everything shifts in your mind when you forgive at the true cause!



My experience


From the first course, I took I have been persuaded by the power of their healing. To be honest Truforgivenes method isn’t easy, even though it’s simple. It’s not something I’d choose when I’m on holidays for sure, but it’s something I choose when I want to change. Change for real.

The last course I did was for my wellbeing. I had some physical symptoms where I was bleeding on and off for the period of 2 months because I wanted to punish myself for something I did. I know right. The thought of it still makes me sad and embarrassed.

It didn’t matter how many rational explanations I tried to come up with to justify my actions I still couldn’t forgive myself.

Now you must be thinking about what was that horrible thing I did … well, here it goes, I purchased myself a few educational courses and felt bad because I invested more of our family budget in myself than in my husband … it just didn’t seem fair. (p.s.If you started judging me at this point just be aware of the words you are using, they are for you)

When I finally started journaling and applying Tash’s method, I could shift my belief for real … I could understand from my core being (SO important, I can’t emphasize this enough!) that the decision was in favour of both of us, not just me … my husband would benefit as well, even though I would invest in myself.

This journey first took me into the shadowland which was the hardest part and I’m not going to lie, it was so unpleasant. I wish there was a shortcut but there wasn’t. And you see, that might be a good thing.

After I completed the course I get to experience the best part – the so wanted release and deep healing with it. My belief systems shifted and I could no longer look at my situation through the limiting lenses I had been wearing before.

I wish I could write how very amazing and liberating that feels.

I wish you could feel that. The best part for me is that I’m the one who can do the process … who lets the healing take place … I have all the tools I need … I just need to DECIDE to shift my limiting beliefs …
I have to decide I want to be FREE.

I would go as far as saying that this is one of the best modalitiesI’ve ever taken in my life and most definitely suited for everyone who isn’t afraid to question themselves and to be honest … what they gain is priceless.

Where there was dark in me before is now a fresh new life …
still fragile but full of love.

p.s. You can download The 50 Principles of Miracles seen through the spiritual sight of The Treasure Map (which is the modality through which you reach true forgiveness)

p.s.2 This isn’t a paid ad, even though I’m honored to be her affiliate. I would include it in my blog posts any way as I feel this work needs to reach more people … we need a healing power of forgiveness … true forgiveness <3

6 Replies to “Friday Friends: How do you truly forgive – yourself?”

  1. Barchi,
    Thank you for spreading the love about The Treasure Map of Truforgiveness. Yes, it’s a whole new way to forgive, called forgiving within. And it certainly makes miracles happen. As you have experienced.
    You made me smile when you wrote you wouldn’t do it whilst on holidays, but I do. It’s such a huge relief from problems. But I do it mentally at that time, not via journaling 😀
    Thank you once again for your love and support of this work. I’m truly grateful 🙏❤️
    Much love Tash xxx

  2. Truely sounds wonderful! I’m about to dive into the course myself and am really excited about it. I know it’ll be tough at times, but I am willing to do the work. Thank you for this post.

    1. Rowan that is such good news! Yes, it won’t be always easy but nothing good ever is … however, it is a journey and you’ll get to know parts of yourself which are and aren’t really yours. I found that really liberating.
      Much success and may it bring you healing & peace you desire <3
      p.s. if you ever remember, do come back and share your experience, would love to hear it ...but no pressure! 🙂

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    1. Hey Aly, not sure if this content would fit but if it brings value to someone, of course … why not.
      Thanks for asking,

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