#TrueTuesday: How to live in the now?

Today, 2 years ago a friend of mine died … while we were together. 😢

At the age of 38, his heart stopped in a blink of a second … there was no chance to say goodbye. I still remember waiting on a metro platform in the centre of Amsterdam and watching medical professionals trying to bring him to life. I just couldn’t imagine that he would never wake up again. It was unimaginable for me, I was desperately holding on to hope.
It is funny how sometimes we turn a blind eye to the truth.

That day was a real shocker for me. To honour his life, I decided I won’t take his death lightly. I wanted to become more authentic in all the fields of my life.

From that moment on, I started deepening my relationships with people I felt were my cheerleaders … I got more intentional about forming a community, a sisterhood.

I also wanted to get more serious about my job … but that didn’t happen as I imagined. I faced serious setbacks and instead of pushing myself forward I learned I needed to forgive myself first … forgive for not being perfect, forgive for being a failure in my eyes … then things have slowly begun to change … really slowly.

You see, the first year after his death I was determined to get myself where I wanted to be (at least that I thought I wanted) right away … the second year I learned, I need to be gentle, loving and forgiving with myself first.

Sometimes getting where you want to be can take a while. Sometimes life has something better in store than what you set yourself up to receive.

What I’ve learned is that one needs to be kind with themselves and really enjoy living in the moment … not always chasing “a promised” satisfaction somewhere in the future. Like a saying by John Lennon goes … “Life happens whilst you’re busy making other plans.”

And most importantly … surround yourself with people who lift you up, push you forward, who believe in you and with whom you want to spend this day even though if it was your last.

Let me know:

  1. What is one thing that you can do for yourself today , which would bring you joy, happiness or expand your energy?
  2. What can be one single thing you can let go of today, which really doesn’t serve you anymore? (perhaps repeating negative self-talk etc)


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