Friday Friends: Is it worth investing in B-school?

This year’s B-school enrolment is almost closed. However, what I’ll say is no relevant regarding the time when you’re reading.
Like everything, there is no universal answer … but I’ll explain why I believe B-school is worth investing in.
Marie Forleo, the queen or mama Marie as she calls herself, has clearly defined a list for who B-school is/not. In a nutshell … if you desire to work in a 9-5 job until the rest of your life, have hobbies, family, whatever that is and absolutely no passion for any type of business/earning money then skip it, it’s not for you.

If you are just remotely interested in doing what you love and sharing your passion with the world … strongly think about it.

Here is what I loved about it:

  • there is a whole module to help you figure out what is your jam. If you lack clarity on which business you should work on … B-school has a solution for you 🙂
  • a structured way on how to build a business from scratch … not only you need to know the ingredients but you also want to know the right order. You don’t want to throw uncooked spaghetti in a meat sauce right? You need to cook them first 🙂
  • most importantly: you get to know a vast number of people, who are there with the same mission as Marie … to leave a positive footprint, to make a change, to care …
    I made some amazing connections, some friends, some business partners that I wouldn’t have found otherwise or if I had it would have taken me way longer to really connect … you see B-schoolers initially trust each other <3 Isn’t that amazing?
original photographer for b
To end this just think about how much free content does she provide on a weekly basis year by year … she is totally committed to her work and is such an amazing person with a giant generous heart. What more do you want from a person?

So, my dear friend … if you decide to enrol, I hope we connect as we’ll be part of the same “hearterpeneur” community … <3

p.s. photographer is Bonnie Tsang, however I’m using these solely for personal use … and to spread the love about B-school <3

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