A half-deaf participant or what change in your client’s life are you most proud of?

The other day I had a tough day, it wasn’t business related but still. Somehow the Universe wanted to cheer me up by sending a few touching feedbacks my way from my loving clients. They couldn’t have chosen a better day.

That made me ponder the questions:
  • HOW do I serve my clients
  • what do I provide
  • what change in their life was I most proud of.You might remember my recent post on how The Artist’s Way (TAW) changed my life. When I lived in Europe I was at some point a newcomer in a foreign country. I knew it was up to me to find people, so I decided to do what I’ve always wanted to do … gather like-minded individuals. <3 I became an organizer and facilitator of TAW group … It was one of the best gifts and experiences in life.
There were people from all walks of life … from students to nearly retired … people of different nationalities … amazing creative people.As an organizer, my biggest objective was to provide a safe, judgement-free, intimate space for everyone to express themselves. I put my heart and soul into it and did the best I knew how.

I will never forget one of the participants. She was a woman in her 50ies. A housewife by choice as her husband provided enough for a very comfortable lifestyle. She had never worked before and was ready to discover her passion as her kids were getting older.

A year and a half before we met she had had an ear operation which left her half-deaf. After that unfortunate event, it became more and more difficult for her to attend social events because she couldn’t always hear what people were saying.

¬†She soon got frustrated, lacked confidence which slowly led to social isolation. Until she discovered “my” group … I guess something inside told her to give it a chance.
Soon after joining she discovered she would like to write a book … she began exploring and found a writing class which she then joined and enjoyed immensely.

I don’t know if her story had a happy ending if there is such a thing but I will never forget how she thanked me before I left my role (one of not so clever life choices on my side, I admit) …
She said she felt accepted for who she was, she felt she could open up and trust us … “It all started here,” she said, “before I was afraid to go out, but here I opened up … I no longer care what other people think of me … I feel like a new person, I’m setting boundaries, I take care of myself first … it all started here …. I’ll never forget that.”

That’s my drive to be a good facilitator, nothing can beat that <3
However, with this post I want to say:
No matter the disabilities you have (or believe you have) … find your people, let them support you ….let them provide a soil where you can grow, bloom and thrive …

With this post, I also have a question …
What change in your client’s life are you most proud of?
Let me know <3
Much love,


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