Friday Friends: How to unstuck, unblock and unleash your creativity?

My short answer: The Artist’s Way book by Julia Cameron
I should stop writing after the first sentence as you should take my word, buy the book and send me a thank you note 12 weeks later. 😀 I mean it, promise! However, something tells me you need more convincing, right? Okay, read on my dear.

The Artist’s way book is the only book I take with me when I move houses … all the rest may follow or not. I call it my personal bible.

Just a few out of many amazing examples which happened in the last 6 years as I took the course/book:

  • a sudden urge to knit 2 thick scarfs half a year before I got the news I would move to Canada (I was/am not a knitter … the last time I kitted was when I was 11 or so)
  • I wanted to create ceramics ornaments and met a lady who was professionally working with porcelain, had a massive collection of colours, a kiln, tons of clay … and I got/borrowed it all for almost no cost
  • I got a perfect big client out of the blue as soon as I decided what I’d like to do
  • it taught me how to be honest and kinder with myself by the practice of writing Morning Pages
    and most importantly …
  • I discovered my love and passion for being a group facilitator as I started a creative community whilst I lived in Europe … that opened so many priceless friendships to this day<3
The original image used in this one was taken by Mark Kornbluth. This image was made with love and solely personal purposes.

If you show to the people a cover of a book you’re currently reading this might happen …

When I entered a metro this week I saw a woman reading a book standing a couple of meters away. I couldn’t see what she was reading as we were both standing in the same hight. But for some reason, I was REALLY intrigued.

I stared in her open book in a not very subtle way lol 😀 , noticing that the layout looked very familiar (what a visual geek I am, right). It resembled a book I call my personal bible.

The Universe kindly granted my curiosity as a seat in front of her got cleared. I waited a bit and claimed it when there seemed to be no other interest.
I could then finally check what the book’s title was !!! and the revelation made me smile. It was indeed TAW second part.

I didn’t play a shy kid (after all this staring that would be kind of silly thing to do:) ) … and initiated a conversation with her … We had an instant connection and started chatting excitedly. … I shared how amazing that book was and how it “saved” my life so many times.

In this short interaction that we had, I inspired her to write morning pages whilst breaking the rules and really just go for it. She reminded me that it’s time to do it again what I’m just about to start … my like-minded community of creative people.

When she left when her stop was due, she smiled happily and waved me goodbye through the window … it made my day <3

See … in these days when I feel there isn’t enough of human contact a book like this can connect you with your like-minded tribe.

I seriously hope you will consider checking the book … if you do, please come back and leave a comment … or … if you had done the course/book … please share one of the gifts you receive <3 It will make my day if you do … thank you!
Much love and gratitude,
p.s. Friday Friends is a twice-a-month post about people, services or books that made a significant improvement in my emotional, physical or spiritual wellbeing. These posts are not sponsored in any way as I want them to be a synonym for integrity and provide trust.

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