An inspiring story on how showing vulnerability connects hearts

With this story I wish to inspire you … I hope I succeed<3

When do you feel lonely?

I felt lonely many times in my life … I was lonely when I moved house, when I arrived in new  city or country, but also throughout my childhood and adolescence.

You see, I felt lonely at times when I didn’t have friends who cared … friends who were like-minded.

It was only when I reached my mid 30ies that I found people who got me, people who listened and most importantly, people who cared. My heart is filled with love and gratitude for all the love I’m part of.

However today I wanted to share a story with you …

which happened before I found my tribe, my sisters. This story took place on a lonely evening, when my husband was out on a business trip (which happened only once since we’ve been together).

It was an early evening. I was sitting on a couch in our living room, reflecting on some of my recent life events. There was so much sadness in me as I have cut the ties with 2 of my close friends … my heart was broken and I felt this lingering feeling wasn’t going to end.

I remember a deep longing for someone with whom I could talk about my feelings, with whom I could be relaxed. I just wanted to put my masks off and stop being who I thought I should be for others … that never worked out. All this pretending … I was tired.

But there was a light …

At that time I was reading a book … it was a book of short healing stories, narrated by an older wise woman who used to be leading pediatrician but then followed her heart’s call and started working with cancer patients and took the alternative route.

Her wisdom gave me courage and it felt like a comfortable blanket. It not only gave me food for thought but it also feed my soul … it touched something very fragile in my heart …

I reached to her

That particular night I felt especially susceptible to her writing and just grateful to be able to read the sentences she once wrote so carefully.

Have you ever felt this way, that you would just love to squeeze a creator behind a book? Well, I reached to her. This is what I wrote …

“But most of all I was lucky to get this book in my hands when I needed it the most. I have just entered my thirties and I guess this is the time of my life when I know I need to grow emotionally and just accept myself as I am. That can sometimes be a huge struggle but your book helped me so much, because there was no judgement just pure love. I felt as if I was talking to my grandmother which isn’t in this world anymore and I still miss her and our talks.
So when I was reading your book I imagined you were my grandmother, telling me those stories and just wanted me to know that I am accepted as I am …

I can’t say how grateful I am … thank you for everything and most of all for being honest … that means the most!

Love across the miles,

She reached back …

She sent me a copy of her book and wrote“To Barbara from Rachel who is old enough to be your grandmother.”

This book is my treasure … it touched my heart where it needed healing … it also gave me courage to reach out when I feel vulnerable.

So many times we are afraid to reach out … and show our vulnerability, why?

Reach out, my dear … you have a gift, you ARE a gift <3

As I was writing this post yesterday I came across this beautiful moment when a man shared his vulnerability with Seth Godin.

It is golden, you need to check this one out, I promise you will love it!

I pray that you have a loving grandmother, a mentor, a mother or any loving woman in your life … <3

I also believe that every woman needs a circle of sisters … I am on a mission to build as many soul circles/sisterhoods as possible. I’ll share more on this soon.

In the meantime … please know that …

You are perfect as you are

You are wiser than you believe yourself to be

You are beautiful

You are loved

You are enough

Your sisters are waiting ….

Share below … how do you show yourself more love everyday?

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