Clothes and the colours of desire

They say: fashion is about desire as much as clothes and I admit, over the years, with changing intensities, I have been interested in clothing. I find it amazing how attire can change our identity, can playfully allow us to be a different and I like the way impressions can be managed through appearance, though I make not much use of that myself. Being into trends, colours and textures for years, I recognize quality and connect with desirable items. This game is played in accordance with the way I think about myself, which until yesterday I though to be in tune with the real me. However, yesterday I went to an upcycle event and got free colour advice from a professional. You know, a true person-tailored consultation, when a lot of coloured pieces of cloth are interchangeably placed below your face and you can see in a bright big mirror what flatters and what doesn’t. A great experience, you would think! And it was, although it made me think. And it shed light on the relationship I have with myself.


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