What if today was your last day …

On this day, a year ago we lost a friend. I can’t compare my loss with those who by losing him lost their husband, son, brother, uncle or a dear friend … However, it was hard because we were the last people who saw him alive. We were there when it all happened.

At the age of 38, his heart stopped just like that in a blink of a second, without any prior warning or signs. He’s been in a good shape and way too young to die.

In his honor, because I didn’t want to take this event lightly, I said to myself I need to live my life the best I know how without regrets and with people, I share mutual support (I feel really blessed in this department).
I don’t always succeed, I get sidetracked, I’m not always honest but that isn’t the point … it is the progress, not perfection.

Are you surounded by loving and supporting people?

I become more selective with whom I spend my time, who is nurturing my energy and who lifts me up. I mean, if I were to die in the next 5 hours or so, I want to spend them with people I care about and people who care for me too.

This year my intention is to make my life more fun and to take things more lightly and to forgive … plenty of forgiveness.

Do you believe you’ve got what it takes to make your life great?

What would you do in your last few hours of your life,
would you have any regrets?

If you have doubts about yourself, give us a shoutout, we will send some good vibes to wash away your self-doubt. <3 <3 <3


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